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    Pro V2 Adjustable Base

    Sleep is just another form of fuel! It’s impossible to perform your best at work, school, juggling kids and all the other demands on your body and mind.  Hibern8 Pro V2 is the next level of sleep performance.  Together with a Sleep Evolution Mattress, it is the Ferrari of sleep experiences.  Treat yourself or someone else to a whole new sleep experience because your active lifestyle demands perfect rest!

    Available in Queen ($1099.99), Twin XL ($999.99)

    • The Pro V2 is equipped with 5 motors to drive, head, back and foot articulation as well as head and foot massage.

      Each motor is whisper quiet and can be adjusted to nearly infinite positions.

      The wireless remote is packed with features including preset TV, Lounge, Zero Gravity, Flat and 2 personalized memory buttons.

      Individual head and foot buttons allow total positional control as well as buttons for simultaneous synchronized movement.

      Unique to the Pro V2 is head articulation for screen viewing and reading.

      Soft white LED under-bed lighting is both functional and gives a high end ground effect you will LOVE.

      Built in LED flashlight on the remote is powerful and practical.

      Each base comes with 4 USB plugs (2 per side) in a discrete yet practical location under the base.

      Massage features for head and foot each have 3 levels of intensity with 5 soothing rhythms to choose from.

      Download the iOS or Android Sleep Evolution App for free to give you complete Bluetooth control of your dream bed from any smart device.