The Mothers Behind Our Mother's Day Shoot

We asked the models from our Mother's Day Photoshoot to share with us what being a mother means to them. Read on to hear their insights!

Kashia Palmer

"Mother’s Day is an extremely special & even sacred holiday for me. It was a day I used to covet but now hold dear. A day that I teeter between emotions for myself & our birth moms. It’s not a day I take lightly since it’s a day I waited years for. I will never tire of the calling 'mommy!' For many reasons but mostly because two woman gave me that title. I’ll never ever forget the moments where our birth mom kissed their babies one last time & handed my baby over to me. Not only did I just become a mom but I became something way more than that to have to fill her shoes also."

- @kashiapalmer


Jensyn Jeppsen

"Becoming a mom has brought so much more respect and admiration for the mothers and mother figures in my life. I had no idea just how demanding (physically, emotionally, and mentally) raising such special people would be.

My greatest goal is to be an example to my daughters. it's a lot of pressure! but I know I've been given the opportunity to have three best friends to help raise and while some days are so crazy - I am so blessed. 

As hard as some moments are, I always love at the end of the day when my girls' ask for me to lay by them in bed, tell them stories, say our prayers, give hugs, and we talk about our favorite things of the day. (most of the time they mention something we had done involving me taking time to spend focused on them or an activity we did together) it really means a lot. 
'The days are long but the years are short' and I'm certainly realizing that. so each day I look for the good and try my best, to be my best for my little family."
- @jensynjeppsen

Kate Brown

“I am so grateful every single day to be a mother. Bringing babies into this world has been one thing that for whatever reason has come easy to me. And caring for them, although an exhausting and thankless job at times, is the greatest blessing I’ll ever know. Each one with their own personality and special traits, sent to me straight from heaven. It’s something I will never take for granted.”
- @kate_brownn
May 06, 2020 — Abbey Scott


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