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The “Back to School” Style Guide

Amadeo Okoye

Posted on August 22 2016

The beginning of school calls for an unforgettable first impression—and the perfect first-day ensemble. Whether you’re a freshman in college or a mom in the carpool lane, this guide will help you put together the ultimate back-to-school package.

Casual and Stylish

This type of clothing gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to say goodbye to comfort when you decide to welcome style into your life.

Backpacker Shirt

Plaid is currently one of the most popular patterns in the modern fashion world. This backpacker shirt offers a relaxed fit with an attractive color scheme that will give your outfit an edge in the classroom.

Kimono Jacket

Soft patterns and flowing fabric make this Kimono Jacket an ideal asset to your new wardrobe. Mix and match with different tops to add a chic touch to your appearance.

Blue Dress

Even if you’re not big on dresses, this might become your go-to item for comfort when you try out the Urban Safari Dress. A flattering cut with minimal maintenance finally gives you the look without the hassle. It could be your perfect first-day outfit.

Sack Lunch Skirt

Flowing material with delicate stripes produces a slender and fashionable finish. Slip on a pair of strappy sandals and a light top, with this Sack Lunch Skirt, to complete the outfit and showcase your unique style on campus.

Chic and Classy 

You know just how to pull off the latest trends and everyone can’t help but notice. The question isn’t “what can I wear,” but “where do I start?”

Head of the Class Jean

Many people try, but you really know how to turn heads in these Head of the Class Jeans. This sleek fit will hug your curves and accentuate your legs while showcasing your stylish footwear.

Salty Booty

Speaking of shoes you can’t start school without … these Salty Booties will add a finishing touch to your fashion masterpiece and some length to your stride.

Yes Please Sweater

The Yes, Please! Sweater literally begs to be presented (and touched) when you slip into this soft, delicate cut. This imported top gives you the benefit of playful geometric patterns that create an attractive contrast with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt.

Flutter Around Dress

The flowing fabric on this Flutter Around Dress manages to create both a fitted and flared effect to perfectly showcase your feminine physique. You can choose between the ‘baked apple’ coloring above or go for the classic ‘black’ when you select your new favorite.

Back to School Must-Haves

The accessories that complement your wardrobe are just as essential as the clothing you will be wearing this year. Make sure to browse through the jewelry, notebooks, bags and a dozen other items that you will use to finalize your look.

Weekly Planner

Yes, we all have our smartphones in our bags and pockets to make note of important events – but it will never have the same feel or sophistication as this weekly planner.

Navy Stripe Backpack

The Get in Line Backpack offers a light and stylish bag for your classes this upcoming year. The faux leather trim, zippered pockets and straps all come together to produce a unique carrying case for your books and daily use items.

Leather Bound Belt

Sometimes that new outfit desperately needs the right belt to complete the look you are going for. This Leather Bound Belt pulls everything in around the waist for a slender form framed by a textured and modern accessory.  

Sunrise Poppy Scarf

With the fall season is approaching, it’s time to celebrate your scarfs coming out of your dresser to adorn your new school uniform. The Sunrise Poppy Scarf is a fabulous option that will add some flair to a wide range of colors and styles.

What else would you add to your back-to-school shopping list?

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

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