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    September 22, 2016 2 min read

    It’s that time of year again! School has started and you are just getting settled into your new classes, making new friends, and decorating your new dorm room! Yet, sometimes that dorm room with cinderblock walls, old carpets, and creaky bed frames can be a little hard to make feel like a home away from home. So here are some tips on how to make your room feel a little cozier!

    For that outdated, rough carpet on your floor, rugs can be great to add some style and a little more personality to your room. Like this blue Brighton Rugwould be perfect for anybody with a  bold personality. Plus, it will give something soft for your feet to walk on!

    DownEast Blue Brighton Rug

    Sometimes those bed frames in a dorm can be dull and just plain out of style. Try mixing it up a little by adding a cushioned headboard like this Houston headboard. You and your roommate could even get matching ones to give your room a cute look leaving everyone jealous.

     DownEast Houston Headboard

     Need somewhere to write your daily reminders on other than a planner? This adorable marquee chalkboard sign is the perfect thing! You can hang this on your wall or door and use the lights as a fun touch to your room.

     DownEast Marquee Chalkboard

    Every room needs some wall decoration to make it feel more like a home. So for those looking for a rugged and coastal decor, this metal anchorwill add the perfect touch!

    DownEast Metal Anchor Decor

    Need some decorations for your desk? This rustic table clock would be the perfect accent to any room. Plus, it will help you get to your classes on time!

    DownEast Table Clock

    Speaking of desks, every desk needs a chair! And this bright, vibrant arm chair can add some color and spunk to your new dorm room.

     DownEast Arm Chair

    Everybody needs bed sheets, whether they are white or colorful, these options are perfect to make your bed feel like a soft sanctuary away from the stress of classes. 

     DownEast Decor

    Dorm rooms can be always be spruced up with decorations that can make it a little piece of heaven away from all the stress of school. So find your styleand start decorating!

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