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    Five Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

    April 26, 2017 3 min read

    Fashion is all about rules. Wear this, don’t wear that, wear this with these, never wear those together. It was so much simpler when we were kids, and we could wear what we wanted. Back then it was all about us; who we were, and what part of ourselves we wanted to show off to the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to those days where our favorites mattered more than our fashion?

    Well, the world of fashion is changing, and what was previously forbidden is starting to become fashion-forward. To get you started on your personal fashion revolution, here’s a brief list of five rules that aren’t worth keeping anymore.


    Black and Blue Can’t be Buddies

    Black and blue have been estranged lovers for years. It’s time for us to beat down the old notion that black doesn’t match with navy and other shades of blue. Feel free to mix the two, in order to give depth to darker tones. Try offsetting textures, with one smooth and one patterned, to enhance the effect--like this Metronome Blousein black and blue.

    Another option is to pair a blue blouse with black skinny jeans. Try this flirty Petal Lane Blouse on for size, or this Smocked Party Top.

    black and blue patterned 3/4 sleeve blouse navy blue with floral print short sleeve blouse  short sleeve navy blue shirt


    When to Wear White

    “No white after labor day,” or “Never wear white to someone else’s wedding” are as old as American fashion. And you don’t have to wait until Memorial Day to wear white, either (in fact, break out some white shorts if it’s warm enough!). It’s time to start wearing what we want—tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, anything as long as it’s white!

    Going to a summer wedding? If you’re not in the bridal party or a member of the couple's family, don't be scared to wear white! Just be careful with the grape juice while donning this egret Eyes On Your Dress.

    white eyelet short sleeve dress


    Bold Colors, Bright as a Summer’s Day

    In the past, we’ve often been told to ration our brighter colors. But one bright color deserves another, so don’t be afraid to wear them together! Fashion aside, it’s a great morale boost to wear so many happy tones. It definitely attracts attention, so wear it proudly and strut your stuff. You might even find that this 3rd St Skirt, Wonder Tee, and Everyday V Neck Cardi combo will brighten everyone else’s day, too.

    yellow patterned pencil skirt knee length layering tee - short sleeve colored undershirt  v neck cardigan colored


    Long Dresses & Skirts are for Tall Girls

    We’ve got a lot of unhealthy notions about what women can and can’t wear because of the shape of their body, none of really hold any water. One such is the idea that only the tall ladies should be wearing long dresses. Don’t be sold short! Long dresses can even help you appear taller, and always add a level of elegance to the look. So break out this Grecian Column Dress or this Happy Day Maxi Skirt, and go long with pride!

                                  short sleeve maxi dress white and floralstriped maxi skirt gray and peach


    Heels are for Short Girls

    Sometimes, you deserve to be the most dominant figure in the room. If you’re tall, don’t shy away from the heels—embrace them! It sends a strong signal that you’re there to stand out, and that you’re not afraid of a little attention. So stand tall with our Barnes Sandal, and give everyone a chance to look up to you.

    heeled strappy sandals

    The landscape of fashion is changing, and modern women are more and more empowered each day to wear what their heart desires. It’s time for us all to take back our wardrobes. Be bold, and go for the look you’ve always wanted to have. Your clothes are an expression of yourself, an outward evidence of your personal identity. So define yourself how you want to be defined, and don’t be defined by some arbitrary rules decreed by some ethereal fashion tyrant. Free yourself to be yourself, and dress the way you deserve.

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