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It’s finally summer! Yes, yes I did low key say that in Olaf’s voice. It’s the time where
you can give yourself a break from your academic affairs, work, life struggles, and
challenges. In my opinion, there is no better way to relieve stress than a little retail
therapy and I have just the perfect DIY to take with you on your fashion adventure,
or any circumstance for that matter. It’s time for creating your very own tote bag,
essential for any occasion and just the perfect accessory for the summer.

• Ruler
• Scissors
• Unique stitch adhesive or a hot glue gun (you’ll need glue sticks)
• Old pair of T-Shirt(s)

Steps If Using a T-Shirt:
1. Cut the sleeves off the t-shirt, then the shirt inside out.

2. Cut the neckline area.

3. Determine how big and where you want the bottom of the bag to be and then
trace a line across.

4. Cut fringe, use your scissors and cut slits from the bottom of the shirt up to
the line marking the bottom of your bag. You’ll want to cut both the front and
back layers together because they need to match up for the next step.

5. Tie each strip of fringe into a knot, and then connect to the front side of the t-shirt
strip to the backside of the shirt strip.

6. Feel free to put your touch to the bag; whether it be adding flowers, words,
you can go about it anyway.

Another alternative to old t-shirts is applying the same steps, just not tying the back
and front together, leaving for a cute crop top. Either way, you will look stunning this
summer, just remember that the best look and style you can pull off, is simply being
yourself, now go out into the world and strut your stuff.

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Kim Slazas
Kim Slazas

July 12, 2017

How much is the patio sectional? Who makes it? Is it Sunbrella cushions? Is it Grey?
Thank you

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