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    May 03, 2017 1 min read

    Hello Spring! It’s time to Zest up your Backyard Festivities

    What you’ll need: 

    •         Supa’ cute chalkboard paint
    •         One wide paint brush
    •         Painter’s tape
    •         Six large white bowls
    •         One mason jar
    •         Sticks
    •         White or colored chalk

    One Day Before your Party:

    Make an outline of a square with the painter’s tape on your white bowls and your mason jar. Next, paint the inside of the squares with your chalkboard paint.Remember this will be used to label your items so make sure the squares are big enough for your text and even in size.

    Let dry overnight.

    In the a.m. check to see if the chalkboard paint has dried and get ready to peel off the painter’s tape. Do this slowly to ensure a clean edged square of chalkboard. Bam! You’ve got yourself some reusable, crafty, cute containers.

    Next, write the ingredients with chalk on each of the bowls.

    •         Bowl 1: Marshmallows
    •         Bowl 2: Melted Milk Chocolate
    •         Bowl 3: Melted Caramel (if you’re feeling crazy)
    •         Bowl 4: Crumbled Graham Crackers or Whole Graham Crackers (whichever you prefer)
    •         Bowl 5: Any toppings you’d like to add
    •         Mason 1: Sticks

    Next, put your ingredients into the proper bowls or mason jar and place it neatly on your outdoor table or like we did on our Factory Station Cart!

    Share your s’mores bar with us on Instagram @downeaststyle


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