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Posted on 06 February 2016

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3 Ingredient baked buffalo wings from the @DIYfoodie

Let’s take a vote. Who only goes to Super Bowl parties for the food? I’ll admit, that is totally me. I wish I could tell you who is playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, but I just can’t. I can tell you though, that these 3 Ingredient Baked Buffalo Wings will be making an appearance! Wings are my most favorite tailgating dish, and I am not ashamed to admit that at all. There is nothing wrong with getting your hands all saucy as you eat wings and watch football…or at least pretend like you’re watching football while really you’re stalking out the rest of the food spread to see what will be hitting your plate next.

Some fun facts about these wings:

  1. Yes, they really are only 3 ingredients.
  2. They’re baked, not fried; easier and healthier.
  3. There’s a secret ingredient that gives them a nice crisp even though you didn’t fry them.
  4. Everyone will love you.
  5. It is so easy to double, or even triple this recipe depending on how many hungry Super Bowls fans you’ll be serving.

I am never very good at keeping secrets. So I’m just going to go ahead and tell you this secret ingredient and you’re going to think I’ve gone crazy. But guys, yogurt. You marinate your chicken in yogurt. I know, totally bizarre. But sometimes bizarre turns out to be something amazing.

You’ll definitely want to head to the store to grab some wings, buffalo sauce and yogurt to whip up these bad boys for the big game. 1 hour to marinate, 1 hour to cook, but yet…only about 10 minutes hands on time. Easiest tailgating food you’ve ever brought to the party.



1 cup Buffalo Sauce

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

About 30 chicken wings


Click here for the rest of the recipe and an easy to follow video. And then enjoy with the whole family.

@eloiseandme ready for the Super Bowl

Family: @eloiseandme
Furniture & Women's Clothing: DownEast
Girls' Clothing: Penny Candy Kids
Photography: Jordan Carli Photo
Food Preparation & Styling: The DIY Foodie

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  • Jennifer L | Modern Chic: February 09, 2016

    What a great recipe! It definitely beats all these fried buffalo wings many of us get. Thanks for sharing.

  • andrea: February 09, 2016

    Looks a lot healthier than the fried beauties my husband made this weekend. Need to do this the next time; we are wing fans!

  • Nicole: February 09, 2016

    Love this recipe! I can’t wait to try them.

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