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    October 17, 2016 3 min read

    It’s always a challenge to find ways to spruce up your style.  You have to be open minded and creative in order to try something other than what you are used to. There are plenty of ways to add some excitement into your fashion, you just simply have to try new things. Give these 7 ideas a try and you’ll surely find a few new outfits you love.


    1. Accent with a pop of color.

    Pink high heelspink downeast heels

    Maybe you aren’t the person to go out and wear a bright orange shirt, but there’s nothing wrong about adding a bright color in a small way. The Mavis Heelis an elegant way to do it. Other simple ways to add small color is by putting on a statement necklace or changing your purse to a brighter colored one.

    1. Try a new style of hat

    baseball capwool hat

    Top off your outfit with a hat. To add some class, wear the Wool Wide Brim Hat.  To add some spunk to an outfit that you may feel is boring, slip on the Distressed Ball Cap.  A hat can change the entire look of your outfit and will definitely spice up your appearance.

    1. Add another layer


    Keep on layering! Sometimes all you need is a new cardigan to change the look of your usual outfit. Try a chambray top, a Rainy Day Cardi, the Frankfurt Drape Front Cardigan, or any color of cardigan. You can expand your wardrobe so much by layering in different ways. No one will even realize you wear the same clothes over again.

    1. Accessorize

    An easy and fun way to spruce up your style is by accessorizing. Embellishing your outfits with jewelry is a given, but try something new and geometric like the Sure Thing necklace or Past Tense earrings. Scarves are great to accessorize with as well because they come in every color and fabric.  You can mix and match patterns and textures to add some life into your style. The Auburn Rose Scarf is beautiful and could be paired with so many outfits for a different look.


    1. Try a new hairstyle

    Do you wear your hair the same way every day?  We all are guilty of this at times. It’s not hard to get used to the easiest hairstyle and do your hair that way all the time.  Tomorrow morning try adding a braid or do a twisted ponytail. Your hair can be a finishing touch to your outfit that completes your vibe.

     earringsfloral skirt

    1. Wear something ultra-feminine

    Nothing says girly and feminine like tulle skirts and floral print.  It’s not every day you have an excuse to wear a perfect Tulle Garden Skirt, but you can always make one! Pair the Fall Flowers Dress with black strappy heels for a show stopping outfit. It makes a girl feel good when she looks pretty, so make sure you wear a super girly outfit every once and awhile. 

     downeast skirtfloral dress

    1. Wear something that has a twist

    Almost everyone owns a denim jacket and a neutral colored sweater. Here are variations to the average denim jacket and sweater. We love the grey sleeves on the Berlin Denim Jacket, and the scoop neck and shorter sleeves on the Brisk Breeze Sweater. There are many ways to wear a common staple piece with a twist. Keep your eyes open and find clothing that has something different and interesting about it.

    denim jacketsweater

    Love these looks? Find them all online or instore at DownEast!

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