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As Seen in || Little J's Style

Amanda Apple

Posted on August 14 2015

The gorgeous Jackie Welling of Little J's Style blog featured our best-selling (and back by popular demand) Corner Office Dress. This cap sleeve striped sheath dress is a show stopper. Hop on over to her blog to see more images and her review of the dress. Looking gorgeous, Jackie! 


And if you want to be featured here in your own pages - hop on over to instagram and post using #mydowneast.

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  • Vinicius: November 21, 2015

    Hey Misses C!I hate winter coats for sure. I’ve yet to find a coat that nips in at the waist unelss it has a tie, then I just look I don’t know how to describe it, but I don’t like it. I don’t really wear a lot of pull over sweaters because they cling to much. I prefer to wear a cami with a half buttoned cardigan. That way the botton of the cardigan shows off my waistline while gently showing off my breasts. I love winter, spring and fall, kind of hate the summer where I live. It doesn’t matter what I where I’m going to be sweaty under my breasts. That doesn’t make me happy, nor does it make me feel attractive. Bring on the cold. So what if people stare at hard nipples? As long as someone doesn’t point it out to me I really don’t notice mine are that way because I’m cold all over.So far this season I’ve yet to wear a coat. I’m well insulated As long as the wind isn’t blowing I’m pretty tolerant of the cold.

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