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The Chic Short List - Our Faves This Month

Posted on 08 August 2015

Our top 10 favorite pieces in the new collection, modeled (gorgeously) by Paige and Regan of The Salty Blondes.
These styles are bound to sell out fast - get in stores or shop our New Arrivals now!
Plus, all descriptions below are shoppable!

Drop Shoulder Tunic
1. Shoulder Drop Tunic, $26.99 

Corner Office Dress and Wallpaper Sweater
2. Essential Crewneck Cardi, $27.99 | The Corner Office Dress, $42.99
3. Wallpaper Sweater, $32.99 | Belt It Out Skirt, $32.99                           

Fancy Jewelry necklaces and striped dresses
4. Heirloom Necklace, $26.99

Lace Dress
5. Lace Flower Dress, $44.99 (coming soon)

Corner Office Dress
6.  The Corner Office Dress, $42.99

Lace Backpack
7. Lacey Day Backpack, $34.99

Hair clips
8. Metallic Hair Tie, $6.99 (coming soon) | The Metropolis Dress, $36.99

9. Let Loose Top, $26.99

Chiffon Ruffle Top and Belted Cotton Skirt
9. Let Loose Top, $26.99 | Belt It Out Skirt, $32.99

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  • Berni: August 27, 2017

    Where is the Free Spirit Dress from the cover of your catalog?

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