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Featuring || The Salty Blondes, favorite bloggers of the moment!

Posted on 05 August 2015

Salty Blondes

Who wouldn't be in love with these gorgeous sisters!? This month, Paige and Regan, two of the sisters behind The Salty Blondes Blog help us show off our newest collection! Whether it was a dressy sheath dress or a casual weekend top with denim, these two looked absolutely stunning... and if you haven't seen them live on Good Things Utah, where they featured their 5 favorite looks - check them out here. The Salty Blonde sisters love to #SharetheGoodness, so in the same spirit, we thought we'd give you a closer look into what the sisters love with a little Q&A.

DownEast: Where are you from? 
Salty Blondes: We grew up in San Diego, CA, but all 3 of us live in Utah now.

DEWe’ve been following your amazing travels on Instagram … what has been your favorite recent trip? 
SB: Our favorite trip, hands down, was our most recent to St. Thomas. It topped them all, it was so beautiful out there, not to mention how much fun it was to have our whole family together.

DE: What is your  favorite local food haunt?
SB: We’re all about Mountain West Burrito, get there!

DE: What is your favorite piece from the new DownEast collection?
Paige: The Corner Office Dress in Navy because it is both flattering and classic.
Regan: The Metropolis Dress because I love the print and colors!
Sidney: The Adrift Top and the Zip Right Back Jeans – my style is more casual and I love the fit of the jeans.

DE: What inspires you daily?
SB: We are inspired by Pinterest and finding inspiration visually for recipes, outfits and home design.

DE: How long has the blog been going on and how did it come about?
SB: We started in October of 2014, and we wanted to use each of our strengths. I (Paige) was a Personal Stylist at Nordstroms, Regan is the home organizing, home décor master, and Sidney is our health nut who comes up with clean eating recipes and working out advice. She's recently back from her mission, so you can be sure she will be sharing more! We wanted a place to work on this together to show all our talents – talk more and brought them closer together. Also, side note: Mom proofs everything!

We had so much fun shooting and getting to know the sisters, look out for more to come!


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  • Amanda: August 07, 2015

    Love all the stripes!

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