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    March 10, 2020 1 min read

    13 Must-Have Spring Dresses

    Spring is here and that means it's time to add some new spring dresses to your wardrobe! Spring means pastel colors, lightweight fabrics, and floral prints. We love providing you with lots of modest options this spring season! Here are a few of our very favorites: 

    1. Margrette Lace Dress 

    2. High Neck Lace Dress

    3. Ruffle Detail Shirt Dress - Modern Vibe

    4. Rebecca Embroidered Dress

    5. In Full Swing Dress


    6. Portrait Dress

    7. Favorite Femme Dress - Silver Pink

    8. Favorite Femme Dress - Aqua Glass 

    9. Joyful Dress - Mauve Floral


    10. Cape Dress - Ashley Floral

    11. Tailored Jersey Dress

    12. Border Stripe Dress

    13. Ruffle Detail Shirt Dress - Spring Stems

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