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Giving Back | DownEast & CHOICE Humanitarian

Amanda Apple

Posted on May 04 2016


Here at DownEast, we are dedicated to giving back. In mid-2009 we started a vibrant and growing partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian. Our partnership is built on employee involvement with DownEast matching every dollar given by employees, so needless to say, we are all pretty excited about this new program we just rolled out in stores for the month of May. 

A little history....

From 2009-2014, DownEast raised enough money to graduate our village of Chiriquitzac in Guatemala. What that means is that our collective effort brought this village access to clean water, access to education, and a market where they can generate income for their families. This village is on the path to self-reliance. When an opportunity comes their way, they know how to convert that into something meaningful for their people. Yes, we're proud of the villager, whom many of us have met through expeditions to Guatemala over the years. 

Now, we’ve moved our focus to gender equity, still in Guatemala, because research shows that when you empower woman, her whole family benefits. We want to help women provide for their families and become agents of change for their community through education, income opportunities and leadership. This means that our donations are targeted towards efforts that promote gender equity, like stove technologies, savings box program, adult literacy and more.

And a few more facts...

DownEast & CHOICE are committed to programs that empower women to take an active and equal role in community-level leadership.

One woman dies every minute due to complication in childbirth. This is changing through education and access to health care.

Choice stove technologies help women in Guatemala burn 70% less wood and spend 50% less time collecting it for cooking.

So, what does this mean for you....

We've decided to roll out this program in all our stores because we want to make our impact even greater. And we've designed it be a win win for everyone. So, here's how it works:

Donate $5 in any of our DownEast stores today, and we will give you a $5 coupon to use on your next purchase*. That's right, you give $5, we give you $5. So... what do you say? Come on in, and our sales associates will help you out! And from all of us at DownEast, thank you. This is something dear to our hearts, and you are making it ever more impactful!

Choice Humanitarian Donation Program


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