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10 Chic Ways To Wear A Scarf

Brian Brooks

Posted on December 29 2016

Tis’ the season for winter accessories! Here at DownEast, we love to bundle up and accessorize in style so we’ve put together this blog showing you 10 different chic ways to wear a scarf so that you can stay warm, stunning and stylish this winter! 

1. The Side Tie

The Dot Delight Kerchief is the most adorable way to wear a scarf tied to the side. Simply drape the scarf and tie a knot on the side of your neck.

side tie scarf

2. The Simple Tie

One of the most popular ways to wear a scarf is the simple tie!  To create this simple, flawless fashion look, simply tie the scarf loosely in one knot after wrapping around your neck.  This Midnight Flight inspired scarf will be an elegant match to your outfit.

simple way to wear scarf

3. The Head Scarf

Here are two chic ways to wear a scarf on your head.

head scarf idea

via DPR

head scarf tutorial

via What Goes Aroud NYC

4. The European Loop

Use any scarf to accomplish the sleek European Loop. To tie this, fold your scarf in half and drape it over your neck. Take one end and place it over and under the loop.  Take the other end and place it under and over the loop side.

eurpean loop scarf tutorial

Via One Good Thing

5. The Toss

No skills are required to wear your scarf this way. All you need to do is drape the scarf around your neck and toss one side over your shoulder.

 toss scarf idea

6. The Knotted Scarf

Use the Live for Pink Poppy Scarf or the Live for Pink Bright Life Scarf and wear a knotted scarf.

To tie this scarf put it around your neck. Tie a loose knot about midway in the scarf and you are set! Easy and chic.  It makes a perfect outfit.

 downeast basics pink scarf

7. Scarf Wrap

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf. All you need is a scarf (check out the Midnight Flight Scarf) and you spread it out and drape it over your shoulders.  It adds such glam to an outfit in the quickest way possible.

scarf shawl wrap

Via Hello Glow

8. The Waterfall

Using the waterfall method is a fun way to showcase more of your scarf.  Try using any of the Downeast Scarves with this method. To tie it, first drape the scarf over your shoulders with one end significantly longer. Then, loop the longer end around your neck one time. Take that longer side and bring it to the top and secure it.  Adjust the scarf to lay properly and waterfall down the front of your body.  That’s it! Another stylish way to wear a scarf.

waterfall scarf tutorial

Via Women Elite

9. Layered Scarf Knot

To tie the layered scarf knot, first put the middle of the against your neck and let it hang in the back. Then twist, the scarf around the neck and loosen the loop until it’s comfortable. Cross one end over another and tie a knot. Adjust the loop so it covers the tail in the front.

layered scarf knot tutorial

Via Women Elite

10. The Muffler

One of the most fashionable and simplest ways of tying your scarf is the muffler way. To tie the muffler, drape the scarf around your neck so the longest end hangs over your shoulder. Next wrap the long end loosely around your neck a few times. Then, tie the two ends together on your shoulder. Make an extra knot if the ends are still too long.

muffler scarf tutorial

Via Good House Keeping


Now you have at least 10 ways to wear a single scarf. Depending on your outfit, tie it how you would like.  Any way you tie it will definitely add a little chicness to your outfit.


Here at DownEast, we have our own in-house design team that takes inspiration from the latest fashion trends and provides the newest colors and styles to you at guilt-free prices! To find what winter accessories DownEast offers visit our winter collection.   

Looking for more stylish trends? Shop our Instagram looks or follow us at @downeaststyle for your holiday season inspiration.

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